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Our Services
We provided services from the smallest construction or fabrication projects to larger more integrated with complete turn key projects. 
  1. Baseline Execution
    OADs Baseline execution focuses on Client satisfaction. OAD uses the Baseline strategy to align our expertise with the Client's objectives regarding project function, scope, cost, schedule, contracts and execution. The collaborative nature between front-end engineering and design and project construction controls the development cycle and a solid foundation from which to build.
  2. Energy Optimization
    The objectives of Energy Optimization are to improve the project economics by identifying and implementing energy-related opportunities for reducing capital and operating costs and to ensure optimum energy integration between processes. It takes an analytical study approach in order to focus on optimal energy types and usage within a process, unit, or plant.
  3. Regulatory Evaluation
    Navigating complex federal, state or local regulations for environmental compliance is a demanding task. In the early development phase of a project, OAD's Engineering tackles the environmental challenges that are associated with the project from early conceptual engineering through construction and commissioning, assisting Clients in understanding regulatory impacts.
  4. Project Focus
    Through a series of intensely interactive discussion involving the Client and key members of the project team, OADs Process Focus builds an early consensus across multiple disciplines. This process enables our design and engineering specialists to establish an early-phase basis of design with an exceptional level of certainty in terms of function, cost, and schedule.
  5. Off Site Fabrication
    Offsite fabrication offers advantages to help achieve significant time and cost savings, support fast-track project schedules. Advantages include, early fabrication, modular equipment design and focused material and equipment procurement to support of fabrication.
  6. MaxPRo
    MaxPro is OAD's methodology to identify and develop a compelling business case for improving and optimizing existing facilities or equipment. MaxPRo benefits are improved facility performance, improved product quality, increased energy efficiency, higher yield ratios, lower working capital requirements and reduced long-term capital investments through reliability improvements..
  7. Risk Management
    OAD's has taken its extensive industry experience and proven techniques, established a uniform process, and refined the ability to conduct disciplined reviews for identifying risks, defining mitigation strategies, and managing risks appropriately.The identified risks are qualitatively rated based on the severity of the potential consequences and prioritizes accordingly. Mitigation strategies are researched and evaluated for capability, feasibility, cost effectiveness, and preference. Common mitigation strategies include avoiding, transferring, reducing, and accepting the risk and its consequences.
  8. BackENd
    BackENd is designed to help manage the integration of all the elements that are outside the normal engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) scope, and necessary for the successful commissioning, start-up, production ramp-up, and the operation and maintenance of the equipment or facility.
  9. Conceptual Design Services
    OAD is experienced in a wide variety of technologies and is unbiased, giving its personnel a unique perspective in assessment and configuration. RDG can develop the best solution to meet the clients' needs, offering detailed design, construction and early project work for technical and economic feasibility studies, safety and environmental assessments, and HAZOP reviews.